Learn to Hoop!

Are you ready to change your health and happiness through hooping?

Want more information?

  • Hooping.org is the go-to place for hooping-related news, videos, pictures and tutorials. They also have a fantastic set of forums where you can connect with other hoopers and get information. If it’s hoop-ening, Philo knows about it!
  • HoopCity is a great place to go to connect with other hoopers around the globe. Their forums cover nearly everything hooping-related, and they also have great information on local and online classes and events.
  • Meetup.com is another resource for finding hooping classes and events, especially in larger cities.

Hooping Tutorials:

  • SaFire is a beautiful hooper and a great teacher to boot. You can find her older tutorials on YouTube, or check out her new teacher page on HoopCity
  • Caroleeena is able to break moves down into easy-to-learn steps, and she does a lot of stuff that focuses on the dance part of hoopdance. Her YouTube Channel has a great collection of tutorials and performances.
  • Babz Robinson is inventive and fun, both in her hoopstyle and with her tutorials. Most of her tutorials assume you have the basics down and focus more on intermediate, advanced, and combo moves. Check out her YouTube Channel here.

Inspirational Hoopers:
In addition to the three ladies above, check out these hoopers to see what is possible!

  • Brecken Rivara is one of the newer hoopers on the scene but has an individualistic style that is both gorgeous and energetic. She incorporates modern dance into her hooping and uses very lightweight hoops.
  • Hoopalicious is considered the mother of modern hoopdance. She brought the style to a much wider audience with appearances on America’s Got Talent and the MTV Video Music Awards, and is considered one of the best “teachers’ teachers” out there.
  • Rich Porter is one of the best-known male hoopers, and with good reason. His style is different from the lady-hoopers, and completely his own!