Taped Hoops: You may order taped hoops made with either 160PSI or 125PSI PE, or Poly-Pro tubing.  Childrens’ hoops are made with 1/2″ 125PSI PE tubing, since they are thinner and easier for small hands to hold.  I use a combination of grip, vinyl and mirror tapes to decorate our taped hoops.  I offer holographic or sparkle tape for some of our specialty designs; however, in our experience, these tapes have a very short lifespan when the hoops are actually being used.  Mirror tape will scratch and scuff when dropped, but holds its shine for much longer than the sparkle tapes.  *Please note: beginning February 2012, ALL Standard and Mini TAPED/DAY hoops ordered online that are larger than 24″ in diameter will automatically be made Figure-8 Collapsible to save on shipping costs.  If you would like your hoop non-collapsible, please email us to arrange to pick it up locally in Las Vegas, NV.*

LED Hoops: You may order LED hoops made with either HDPE, PEX or Poly-Pro tubing.  I craft each LED hoop with care: all connections are soldered and insulated for durability, and all hoops are counter-weighted for balance.  Mid-weight LED hoops weigh approximately 1lb, 3oz.  The battery compartment holds either standard or rechargeable CR123 batteries, which are removable.  The standard CR123 batteries last from 8-10 hours and rechargeable CR123 batteries last 3-6 hours, depending on the LEDs used.  Both rechargeable and non-rechargeable Mid-weight hoops come with 4 batteries, and the rechargeable model also comes with a wall and car charger.  Lightweight LED hoops weigh about 11oz.  They come with a permanent rechargeable battery (it cannot be removed) and a wall charger.  Hyperbola uses the ProdMod battery kit to power our Lightweight LEDs!  Car chargers for PolyPro LEDs will be available soon.

All diameters are measured outside-edge to outside-edge.