About The Hoops

Hyperbola Hoops are different from toy store hoops.  First of all, ours are MUCH more durable.  The tubing used is not indestructible, but it can handle quite a bit of abuse without kinking, cracking or separating.  Our hoops are also sized and weighted to fit all ages, abilities and body types.  We sell large, heavy hoops for adult beginners, travel hoops for a workout on the go, and small, light hoops for children or more advanced hoopers.  We are so confident in the construction of our hoops, we offer a one-year warranty on ALL Hyperbola Hoops. (see below)  All diameters are measured outside-edge to outside-edge.

*Please note: ALL Standard and Mini TAPED/DAY hoops ordered online that are larger than 24″ in diameter will automatically be made Figure-8 Collapsible to save on shipping costs.  If you would like your hoop non-collapsible, please email us to arrange to pick it up locally in Las Vegas, NV.*


Go here to learn how to calculate your ideal hoop size!

Go here to learn about the materials we use to make our hoops


Caring for Your Hoop: Hyperbola hoops are made to last; however, you can further prolong the life of your hoop by following a few simple guidelines:

  • Never leave your hoop in a warm car or in extremely hot sunlight.  The tubing can warp, and the tape will get sticky.
  • When storing your hoop for extended periods of time, try to collapse it or lay it flat.  Over time, a standing or hanging hoop will warp, even in mild temperatures.
  • Cleaning – To get grass and dirt stains out of the tape or tubing, use a barely damp washcloth or sponge and scrub with a light touch.  This will remove most superficial marks.  If the battery contacts on your LED hoop get dirty, a rubber pencil eraser or a lightly moistened alcohol wipe can clean things up.
  • When possible, try to hoop on softer surfaces like grass or indoors.  Taped hoops will scratch when dropped on hard surfaces like concrete.  Our LED hoops are built for durability; however, like any electronic device the more abuse it takes the more likely it is that one connection or another will fail.  We recommend learning new moves on a practice hoop, then transferring them to your LED hoop.

Shipping: Full-size hoops are $20 to ship, and will be mailed FedEx Ground or Home Delivery, which usually take 2-4 days, depending on your proximity to Las Vegas, NV.  The $20 covers the cost of oversize shipping for up to 2 hoops.  The cost of shipping goes up for every two hoops you order, to cover the extra weight.  Beginning February 2012, ALL Standard and Mini TAPED/DAY hoops ordered online that are larger than 24″ in diameter will automatically be made Figure-8 Collapsible to save on shipping costs.  Travel hoops ship for $15, and will ship USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground or Home Delivery, depending on how many travel hoops are ordered.  Because I make every hoop to order, please allow one week plus shipping time for taped hoops.  For LED hoops, please allow 2 weeks plus shipping time.  If you are ordering more than 4 hoops, please contact me before placing your order to discuss the most cost-effective and efficient method of shipping.

One Year Warranty: If within one year of purchase, you think your hoop is defective beyond normal wear and tear, I will repair it and return it to you at no charge.  Beyond a year, I am happy to make repairs but will have to charge for parts and shipping.  Scratched tape is considered normal wear and tear; however, we will re-tape ANY hoop (even if you bought it somewhere else) for $10.  IMPORTANT: Due to the inherent, brittle nature of Polypropylene tubing, Hyperbola Hoops is unable to cover the tubing under warranty.  Polypro is stiff and bouncy, but hard breaks, kick-ups and similar moves will crack the tubing.  I am happy to repair or replace tubing for $30 (that includes shipping).  Please keep this in mind when purchasing a PolyPro hoop.

Exchange and Re-Taping Program: As you grow with your hooping practice, you may want to consider a new size or weight to your taped or LED hoop, or maybe you’re practicing so much that your gorgeous tape job is getting dirty, sticky or just worn-out.  Hyperbola is dedicated recycling or re-using as many materials as possible, which is why I will be happy to accommodate any request to re-size or re-weight your hoop, even if you didn’t originally buy your hoop from us!
For LED hoops, I can transfer your LEDs into different tubing for $30. This covers the cost of the new tubing and the installation of a new battery compartment.
For taped hoops, you may exchange your old hoop for a $10 discount on a completely new one, or you can send your hoop back to us to be re-taped for $20.
If you would like to take part in our exchange and re-taping program, please email us to arrange shipping and payment at info {at} hyperbolaonline {dot} com