Meet Us

Hyperbola is:

– Dedicated to improving the minds, bodies and spirits of themselves and those around them.  Hooping provides an inexpensive workout for anyone who wants to enjoy their exercise and feel like a kid again!  Hooping, juggling and other object-manipulation arts improve focus and coordination while reminding you not to take things TOO seriously!

Colleen and Jennifer.  They met at the MGM Grand Garden Arena while pushing roadcases for a huge concert.  Jennifer invited Colleen on a poi-spinning gig and, after a New Years’ pact to get in shape, they discovered hooping and a fun and creative outlet that burned some major calories!  The rest is history!

– The view from inside the hoop.  Jennifer loves her heavy hoops and can wow any audience with her high-energy tricks!  Colleen grooves with a lighter hoop and seeks out the grace, funk and flow in the music!