Practicing in Small Spaces

Week One of the 30/30 challenge has been good – had trouble getting started a couple of days, but once I got in there each day, things really flowed! I haven’t been as bothered by the limited practice space as I thought I might be. I spent a lot of time this week smoothing out my chest and shoulder hooping on my bad side, and starting to work on moving my arms in and out during those moves. I also started work on my duck-outs on that side, which has been mildly painful but rewarding. But what has been surprising is, due to my tiny living room and it being winter outside, it’s really amazing how much detail work one can do just on WAIST hooping in both directions. I mean, once waist hooping is smooth standing still, there’s walking, then dancing, then keeping a beat, then moving the hoop up and down from the waist, then all the different stalls, etc etc… And not once was I in danger of bashing my poor husband in the head. Of course, at the hoopjam I took advantage of the high ceilings and did a lot of vertical hooping: tosses, step-throughs and flowing between vertical moves.

Since I spent a little free time surfing around, I decided to see if anyone else had written about hooping practice in small spaces, and sure enough: Martyna had some great, very specific suggestions for really challenging yourself in a small space. So I think maybe I’ll try some of those this week.

Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2011 18:35